Top 5 Signature Plugins

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Top 5 Signature Plugins


Here’s a list of our top five favorite Signature plugins we use daily to help craft our sounds!

Remember, these are our favorites (and in no particular order) so let us know your favorites as well!


Here’s our video demonstrating these plugins:



Number One:  Waves Manny Marroquin Bundle

Beginner or advanced, these plugins from stellar mixer Manny Marroquin are excellent. The EQ sounds as good as any, the distortion is simple, fast and effective. The de-harsher is so easy and efficient it’s mind boggling. They are usually on sale, so grab the bundle!


Number Two: JST Billy Decker Bus Glue

Nashville’s most prolific mixer Billy Decker has come up with a line of plugins to help him – and us – mix even faster! These ooze character and work quickly to bring your sounds to A-list quality.


Number Three: Waves CLA Guitars & Bass

Simple and awesome! Get it…


Number Four: Greg Wells Mixcentric

One knob gives your mix a great finished sound and kicks up the lower mid perfectly.


Number Five: Waves CLA FX

My go to filtered half note delay throw!


That’s our top five favorite Signature plug ins . You can check the video for more details on YouTube


We would love to hear any of your favorites, so feel free to let us know.
Thanks for your support !