Top 5 Sound Field Plugins

Top 5 Sound Field Plugins


Here’s a list of our top five favorite Sound Field plugins we use daily to help craft our sounds!

Remember, these are our favorites (and in no particular order) so let us know your favorites as well!


Here’s our video demonstrating these plugins:



Number One:  Brainworx BX V2/3 MS EQ with spreader

This EQ allows you to adjust frequencies on the sides of the stereo field or just the center. I always use the stereo spreader to lift the chorus.


Number Two: Plugin Alliance SPL Vitalizer MK2

The Vitalizer is great for stereo widening when you don’t necessarily want to hear a doubling or chorus effect. You can just utilize the stereo spread and process knobs, or you can dig in to all the other great features.


Number Three: Soundtoys PanMan

PanMan allows you to create motion of a sound source across the stereo field. It can be done in rhythmic steps locked to tempo or free of time constraints as you set it.


Number Four: Soundtoys Micro Pitch Shift

Just want the most used doubling effect of all time? The Eventide H3000 micro pitch shift setting! Ken from Soundtoys was a designer for Eventide before starting his own company, hence the super simple best offer – Micro Pitch Shift.


Number Five: Waves Brauer Motion Plugin

Developed with Master mixer Michael Brauer, Motion is probably the most in-depth and flexible sound field plugin. It actually appears to be moving sources behind the listener.


That’s our top five favorite Sound Field plug ins . You can check the video for more details on YouTube


We would love to hear any of your favorites, so feel free to let us know.
Thanks for your support !