Top 5 Mix Buss Plugins

Top 5 Mix Buss Plugins


Here’s a list of our top five favorite Mix Buss plugins we use daily to help craft our sounds!

Remember, these are our favorites (and in no particular order) so let us know your favorites as well!


Here’s our video demonstrating these plugins:



Number One:  Vertigo VSC-2 compressor

The VSC2 has the vibe of an SSL via style buss comp with a little more transparency. It’s like the best of the SSL & Focusrite Red buss comps.


Number Two: Waves Greg Wells Mix Centric

It’s a one knob plug in ! Super easy and affordable, just a little bit gives the lower mid a nice kick in your mix.


Number Three: Manley Massive Passive EQ

This EQ is fantastic for adding clarity and bottom to a mix without ever sounding harsh. It gives the user all the sweet tones of a Pultec, with more flexibility.


Number Four: Brainworx BX V2/3 MS EQ with spreader

This EQ allows you to adjust frequencies on the sides of the stereo field or just the center.  I always use the stereo spreader to lift the chorus.


Number Five: Fab Filter Pro L2 Limiter

This limiter sounds the best to our ears on a complex mix. It allows you to protect from overs and glue the mix without any artifacts.


Honorable Mention: Plug in Alliance ADPTR

This plugin is invaluable. It gives you comprehensive metering of level, loudness, stereo image and dynamics. That should be enough, but the really great thing ADPTR does is allow you to load in all your reference mixes and match levels with your mix to compare – PLUS it also allows you to compare all the metering attributes of your mix and reference mixes!

That’s our top five favorite Mix Buss plug ins . You can check the video for more details on YouTube

We would love to hear any of your favorites, so feel free to let us know.
Thanks for your support !