Top 5 EQ Plugins

Top 5 EQ Plugins


Here’s a list of our top five favorite EQ plug ins we use daily to help craft our sounds!

Remember, these are our favorites (and in no particular order) so let us know your favorites as well!


Here’s our video demonstrating these plugins:



Number One:  Fab Filter Pro Q2/3 EQ

Pro Q is a great tool when you need a precise surgical EQ. It’s also a great high and low pass filter. I have one on every channel when I start a mix to clean out all the unnecessary high and low frequency material that can build up in a large mix. I also usually have another band ready to cut any offensive frequencies.

The GUI is super fast and easy and has a frequency analyzer to help you visually – AND it has a solo button that allows you to solo the band you are processing.


Number Two: UA Pultec EQP-1A

For a sweet, smooth, vintage tube EQ with loads of character, the UA Pultec is the one. It’s great for guitars, vocals, kick and snare … or as mix maestro Bob Clearmountain said- he would be happy mixing with just a rack full of Pultecs!


Number Three: Soundtoys SIE-Q

A great emulation of the Siemans EQ. Super smooth silky high frequency boost and a surprising mid range. Boosting 2.5k on a vocal can create harshness in many equalizers – not the SIE-Q. This brings it right to the front of the mix!


Number Four: UA API Vision

I’m a huge fan of API hardware and have quite a bit of it. This EQ sounds most like my 550b hardware units, plus you get the added bonus of the high and low pass filters and the mighty API compressor!


Number Five: Brainworx SSL E / J channel

It’s a great all-around EQ, with character and the added features of a channel strip!


That’s our top five favorite EQ plug ins . You can check the video for more details on YouTube https://youtu.be/kjXATyy4YtY

We would love to hear any of your favorites, so feel free to let us know.
Thanks for your support !