Visionary Music Group is a world-class recording studio located in northern New Jersey, just minutes from New York City. We also offer a team of award winning composers, producers, session guitarist and musicians specializing in music production and mixing.
Visionary Music Group’s recording studio is equipped with the finest vintage and analog gear and the latest digital equipment. That means you get to use a maxed out Pro Tools HDX2 & UAD Octo system. You also get to choose from a deep collection of vintage analog gear and a vast collection of plug ins. Finally, plug into 80 channels of high-end converters that routes our extensive collection of vintage analog gear through 2 Dangerous Music Mix buss summing mixers.


Because we have to sound current, Visionary’s studio composing station is fully stocked with an endless array of software instruments, samplers and a library of 5,000 beats and loops covering all musical styles. In addition to ProTools, we also run Logic Audio, Reason, and Abelton software.
Moreover, Visionary Music Group has an extensive collection of boutique and vintage guitars, amplifiers and effects. That means classic to contemporary guitar sounds are readily available for your music. Best of all, while rental costs for these instruments would exceed thousands of dollars per day, all guitar gear is included in our affordable day rate.

Pro Tools

  • Avid ProTools HDX2
      • Logic 10
      • 2 Lynx Aurora 16 VT I/O
      • 2 Lynx Aurora 16 I/O
      • 64 channels of Analog and AES I/O
      • Antelope Audio OCX –V Word Clock
      • Dangerous Music Convert 2 DAC
      • Burl B2 Bomber ADC

Analog Mixdown

  • 2 Dangerous Music 2 Buss LTs
  • 32 channels of Lynx Aurora VT into the DM2BLT analog mix section
  • All mixes are summed “out of the box”
  • Dangerous Music Liason router


  • API 2500
  • 2 API 525
  • 4 Tonelux TXC5C
  • 3 Universal Audio 1176 LN
  • Manley ELOP Optical comp
  • Dangerous Music Compressor


  • Dangerous Music Bax EQ
  • Manley 2 channel Pultec tube EQ
  • 2 API 550b EQs
  • 8 Tonelux EQ5p

Plug Ins

    • United Audio Octo Ultimate- all UA plugs with max processing
    • Plug in Alliance- all of their plug ins !
    • Waves- almost all of their plug ins !
    • Sound Toys – all of their plug ins!
    • Slate Bundle – all
    • Sound Raddix- all
    • Valhalla – all
    • Fab Filter- all
    • Eventide Anthology II Bundle – all of their plug ins!
    • Lexicon Reverb & elay bundles
    • McDSP – Filter Bank, Compressor Bank,Analog Channel, Channel G & ML4000
    • Sony Oxford EQ (with GML option) & Dynamics
    • Princeton Digital 2016 Reverb
    • JST- Gain bundle & Billy Decker bundle
    • SPL Transient Designer &Passeq EQ
    • Maag EQ4
    • Izotope Trash & RX2
    • Sans Amp
    • Audioease Altiverb & Speakerphone
    • Massey DRT & Desser


  • 2 Eventide Eclipse v4
  • 2 Eventide H9s

Mic Preamplifiers

  • 7 API 312 Brent Averill with Jensen transformers
  • 4 BAE 73 MPL (2 channel Neve 1073 Class A)


  • Peluso 2247SE
  • 2 Peluso P12s
  • 2 Micro Tech Geffell UMT70 FET
  • 2 Micro Tech Geffell mini condensors
  • 6 Shure SM57
  • 2 Shure SM7
  • 3 Shure beta 91
  • 2 EV RE20


  • Apple Mac Pro 2.4 ghz 8 core with 32 gig of ram, 4  4TB SSD drives
  • 2 Apple 20″ Cinema Display Monitors
  • Apple iMac 2.5 ghz 24 gigs of ram
  • Samsung 27’ LCD Monitor wired to Mac Pro


  • ATC SCM 25a
  • Sony Boom Box


  • All Mogami, and Apogee digital

Michael Thompson

Tom is a real craftsman in the studio…he understands the elements that make a great sounding record and uses them to great effect. I’ve been very impressed not only by his guitar work but also his talent for mixing…As friends and fellow guitarists we exchange many tips on tone and sound and Tom’s suggestions always have been a great help to me.

Michael Thompson
Celine Dion, Babyface, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain & many many more

Tim Pierce

Tom is a great guitarist, producer, composer, and engineer. Versatile and professional, he can do it all!

Tim Pierce
Shinedown, Jason Mraz, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson & many many more

Michael James

Tom Gioia is one of my “go to” resources for consultation regarding composition and recording studio workflow. Whenever I  present him with an obstacle, he quickly devises a solution that ensures timely delivery of my projects,  which are always constrained by high pressure deadlines. I’ll also mention that Tom is an attentive listener and a terrific thoughtful person who genuinely cares about his clients. In addition to his technical prowess, he’s also a top-notch guitarist and composer.  Highly recommended! 

Michael James
(New Radicals, Hole, Robben Ford, and Jane's Addiction)

Eva La Rue

Recording vocals for my new CD with Tom Gioia at Visionary Music Group was such a pleasure. Never the slightest ego or attitude, no matter how many wacky things we wanted to try ! Visionary Music is fast , professional, and a affordable. It’s a fabulous work environment. Thanks Again Tom !

Eva La Rue

T.M. Stevens

My name is T.M. Stevens and I’ve been in the music business for a long time both in the studio and live on stage. I had an emergency situation where a record label needed a track recorded and sent directly back to them in Japan – over night. I called Tom on a Sunday, at a late hour – when most people are relaxing, and he called back almost immediately and booked me in for the following day. As I entered the studio, I felt such a comfortable vibe and relaxing atmosphere. Tom and the Visionary Music staff took good care of me and whatever I needed to get the session done. I relaxed and shedded my nervousness, and we made it !! I look forward to going back to Visionary Music and would recommend this studio to anyone who desires a professional product in a friendly and stress free environment – Keep up the great work!!!

T.M. Stevens
James Brown, Billy Joel, Pretenders, Steve Vai