Tom Gioia

Tom Gioia founded Visionary Music Group in 1996. Since 1993, Tom has written music scores for major network daytime shows. In the early 2000’s Tom began to increase his production clients and began to write for music libraries & publishers for TV and film. His production, composition, guitar playing and mixing have been featured on thousands of indie records and hundreds of TV shows and films.  This includes Survivor, Undercover Boss, 60 Minutes, The Imitation Game, Universal Music, & Warner Chappell Music, to name a few.

Tom Gioia

Andy Snitzer

Andy has been a fixture on the NYC music studio scene since the late 1980s. He has played for artists as varied as My Morning Jacket, Sting, James Taylor, Jay-Z & Panic at The Disco to name a few. In addition, he has had a successful touring career, first with The Rolling Stones, then a continuing 15-year run with Paul Simon. He began his collaboration with Tom & VMG in 2001, adding his arranging, programming, keyboard & saxophone skills. Andy brings a high level of precision and artistry to the Visionary Music Group team.

Andy new

Tom Hammer

A classical pianist, programmer, Emmy, Tony and Grammy-nominated songwriter, Tom Hammer has been working with Tom Gioia  since 1994. His credits include collaborations with VMG on many ESPN tracks, co-writing with Cyndi Lauper (Kinky Boots), Twenty Feet From Stardom, The Temptations and many advertising clients. He has done session work for Paula Abdul and Alanis Morrisette to name a few. Tom brings a great musical keyboard sonic sensibility and thoughtful musicality to the VMG team.

TOm Hammer

Lajuan Carter Dent & Jenny Douglas

A monster team of singers and background vocalists who have been in the VNG family since its inception. Lajuan has worked with numerous artists from Celine Dion, Little Steven, James Taylor and many more.  Jenny has had a who’s who resume of touring royalty. She has been a member of the critically acclaimed Toto for 15 years, and has been one Pink’s featured background vocalists for the last seven years. Lajuan and Jenny bring an enduring spirit & soul to the VMG team.

Jenny and LaJuan

Rob O'Mara

Topline writer Rob O’Mara has been quietly on the rise as a NY area singer- songwriter.  His writing was called “ heavy & very moving “ by legendary NY DJ Carol Miller. Bill Aucoin, manager of Kiss & Billy Idol, proclaimed himself to be “Rob’s biggest fan.” Rob has been an underscore composer for television and a music supervisor for numerous film projects. Rob  has been a VMG collaborator since 2015, bringing a poetic lyrical element & melodic grace to the team.

Rob O'Mara